If I had a million dollars…

…I would go on a shopping spree and buy all of these lovely items that I put together in this set. I could see my style role model Zooey Deschanel wearing this pretty outfit. Super cute, lots of neutrals, romantic pieces and vintage finds. A girl can dream right…


I always, sometimes, never…

Laura, blog author supreme of Madness of Mundanity, is hosting a fabulous giveaway this week using this fun always, sometimes, never concept. Head over there and take a shot at it yourself! Theres a lovely vintage camera up for grabs and who wouldn’t want a chance at that…so heres my entry:

I always…eat breakfast, forget to breathe when i think too hard, think that tea is the answer to everything,wear eye liner and lip gloss, smile at late afternoon sunshine

I sometimes…feel guilty for sleeping in, spend homework time browsing my blogroll, prefer my dogs to people, eat ice cream for dinner

I never…remember to wear my rain boots when it rains, fold my laundry, turn down a fabulous pair of shoes, forget where I have come from and what remains to be seen! ❤

Cute *and* fun

Inspiration Everywhere…

So, the beau’s college roommate let him know on Friday that he would be coming into Connecticut for a little casino visit at Mohegan Sun and we had better be there or else. Well, it was nice to have a night out and get some yummy (note: yummy=bad) food and take in the sights and sounds at the casino. There is actually a lot of beautiful art work and design in the casino. Sometimes I like to just go there to walk around and maybe grab some ice cream because the atmosphere and the energy is enough to have  a good time (although the bran doubled his money so that was good too)

A lot of the decor is formed from cultural references to the tribe itself (think nature, browns, neutrals, reds, oranges) but the glass sculpture by world renowned glass sculpture artist Dale Chihuly always gets my attention.

I took this picture on Friday night and as you can see it’s a beautiful piece consisting of various shapes of blown glass in blues and whites. The whole thing is about 25″ high, weighs 10,000 lbs and is quite amazing as it stands royally reflecting all of the surrounding light. I love the cobalt blue in this piece.

Wishing Spring Into Your Heart…

We may have just been hit with a blizzard mid-week but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming about spring. The fashion choices are far superior in spring. It is just getting warm with a hint of chill still so it is perfect for layering tanks and tees, spring dresses and little cardigans.

I just stumbled upon this fabulous find at yet another etsy store (so many talented people!) and I am coveting this lovely scarf/neck warmer that would be a fabulous spring wardrobe piece. I can imagine it with jeans, flats and a plain tee. Just enough prettiness to justify casual comfort in the rest of your outfit.

Completely UNDERPRICED @ $38! Get your own from Deniz03 on etsy!

Retro Cool

Since I am,

a. British

b. Love Tea

C. Will hopefully have a house to decorate in the near future

…I wish to indulge in these fabulous retro prints from the Keep Calm Gallery. I think they would be fabulous in plain frames all lined up on a nice photo shelf with some other kitchsy cool finds:

£18 (about $30) @ Culture Label

Arranged something like this:

Which leads me to finding this play on the retro but including beagles (!) and it comes in this great neutral tan which would work with my neutral-relaxing-reading-room dreams…

$12 @ TheLobsterPot

And, whilst still browsing Etsy, came across:

$50 @ TheBackPorchShoppe

This is pretty weird/cute too but I know that I could use it as inspiration and make my own for about $25 max! I could make one for each of us with our initials and little things that are more personal to us. If i ever get to that project I will be sure to post a tutorial/pictures:

$150 @ Uncommon Goods

We are forecasted to get 12″ or so of snow tomorrow so I will have plenty of time to catch up on my blog roll and scour the internet for more loveliness. I wish I had a project started to work on…the truth is that I do….but it is homework….nothing fun! Oh well!


Slow Down and Simplify!

Just a reminder to slow down and simplify and take time for the little things 🙂    Click on the pic for a cute accompanying video

White Out…

No no no…not the snow. I am trying to get beyond the dullness of this winter and look forward to all that the spring brings (and may bring)

Our house search continues. The house that I talked of in my last post might still be a possibility but I am not holding my breath because I was too heartbroken last time it fell through and yet even in my attempts to not think about it…i do…and I have been secretly decorating each and every room in my head.

There is a gorgeous front living room with a floor to ceiling red brick fireplace. In the listing pictures I thought it was truly heinous and was already stalking blog posts about revamping such fireplaces but when we went to look at the house, I actually began to like it. The wood flooring in the house is in great condition and though it is pegged as “country” in style, the artiste in me knows a little paint here and there and some stylish furniture, lush fabrics and quirky accessories will bring it right into 2010. I think little touches like these pretty throw pillows from KainKain @ etsy for $20 each would help that process:

There is a family room that will be where the tv and the video games and other “media” will be but I am coveting the room with the fireplace as a nice relaxing reading room for myself (and maybe i’ll let the beau in there too) I am dreaming of very neutral decor with a pop of color to accent throughout the room: Perhaps a lime green or a bright pink agast a sea of beige and tan and a driftwood-ish theme.

I already have some of the decor in mind. I love apothecary jars. We have two in our kitchen on top of our cabinets that are filled with pretend fruit. I am thinking that a few more in different sizes filled with moss like a teranium or perhaps sand, pieces of driftwood and seashells? I have also been looking for some great vintage milk glass. I really like the original “hobnail” pieces and there are plenty of vintage sellers on etsy that sell the vases in sets of three. I think a few of those sets would be nice although I also enjoy the lamp bases which with a good clean and a new shade have the potential of being quite fabulous.

Here are some of the etsy finds:

So many ideas and so much inspiration…just need the house now!