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Live Creating Yourself…

Chicago based designer Alaina K has a pretty awesome blog LiveCreatingYourself that she uses to show off her wonderful hand at design, the decorative process of making her apartment a home and musings on travel, art, fashion and photography. I couldn’t help but wonder where she got the fabulous sketch illustrations of famous landmarks featured in her new living room until she revealed that she created them herself AND she has just this week opened her own Etsy store selling the simple but alluring prints!

There is a “European┬áSeries” that includes Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower and The Coliseum for a mere $40! Some simple black frames from ikea and I will be on my way to having a new art scene for the new house! Hurrah!


New Years Resolutions…

I have a love-hate relationship with new years resolutions. I love them because with the new year comes that strong feeling of a fresh start and the potential that the year holds. I hate them because most people make resolutions that they cannot keep or they are half-hearted about them. I have never really been one to make too many resolutions but this year I think i will make instead a short list of things to aspire to.

Whilst thinking about this, I was browsing etsy and i stumbled upon LivingstonandPorters shop which sells, amongst other things, these simple but lovely painted canvas pieces. I especially like this one and think it may be a good way of reminding yourself of a positive affirmation to have for the year in lieu of a resolution. $42

Happy New Year all! What are your resolutions?