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Summer Patio Dreams…

Well, for a few days it seemed like Spring was making its entrance and then the weekend was a wash out with lots of rain and heavy winds and alas my hopes were dashed. To console myself however, I have been browsing all of the lovely patio furniture and accessories that the stores are already heaving with. Now, while we don’t all have views like this….

Laguna Beach, CA (May 09)


Beach access path, Laguna Beach, CA (May 09)

I still see nothing wrong with aspiring to greatness and creating your own little garden sanctuary with some comfy and cool furniture, delicate lanterns, pretty string lights and some luscious flowers.

I was drooling over the Restoration Hardware Garden catalog with all of its gorgeous lanterns and carved furniture:

Amalfi Square Lanterns $19-$129

Avignon Light String $59

Kingston Lounge Chair $870 (!)

Unfortunately, my dreams do not match my pay! Luckily I found some similar loveliness that is more affordable:

Smith & Hawken Marlton Wood Chair $189

Lantern 10 Bulb String Lights in Bronze $53.99

Borrby Lantern $6.99

I really cannot wait to   a. Move into our first house and  b. Enjoy our first summer by the lake (the house overlooks one!)

I hope for a lot of lovely summer evenings with warm breezes, yummy food, pretty lighting and friends ❤


New Years Resolutions…

I have a love-hate relationship with new years resolutions. I love them because with the new year comes that strong feeling of a fresh start and the potential that the year holds. I hate them because most people make resolutions that they cannot keep or they are half-hearted about them. I have never really been one to make too many resolutions but this year I think i will make instead a short list of things to aspire to.

Whilst thinking about this, I was browsing etsy and i stumbled upon LivingstonandPorters shop which sells, amongst other things, these simple but lovely painted canvas pieces. I especially like this one and think it may be a good way of reminding yourself of a positive affirmation to have for the year in lieu of a resolution. $42

Happy New Year all! What are your resolutions?

Bubble Your Troubles Away!

I love a hot bubble bath to de-stress from my crazy life. What with teaching, a second job, grad school and life in general, I often find myself longing for a nice long soak in the tub a few candles and some silence!

The boyfriend and I are house hunting and as the search continues for a house, I keep scouring home magazines for beautiful design inspiration. I would love to have a traditional clawfoot bath tub. They look so glamorous, have that vintage touch that i love and are totally functional. They seem to have made a huge comeback in recent years and there are lots of places that sell them with a variety of beautiful fixtures and beautiful colors.

Here are a few that I found and why I love them:

I like the simplicity and formality of this bathroom. The neutral colors look relaxing and I love how the navy color of the tub just pops!

The pretty teal color, white accessories and feminine touches make this bathroom look like a springtime retreat. Not sure if I love *all* of the white though. A nightmare to keep super clean and white and maybe a little too girly/clinical for my liking. I do love the fixtures on the bathtub though.

This one is my favorite. I love the orange-red hue of this tub and how it is complemented wonderfully by the gold finishes on the feet and the fixtures. The color works great with the shape and really embodies that modern vintage look that I want our house to have.

The best prices I found were online @ VintageTub. They have                              Clawfoot packages staring at under $1000. Well worth it i think!

Why this blog exists…

I often find myself in awe of something fabulous that I stumble upon on my adventures and  return home wanting to tell everyone about it although the boyfriend and the beagles aren’t always so thrilled with my whimsy. It could be a unique lamp at a quirky store, a vintage tea set I found scouring Etsy or a fun art exhibition or coffee shop thats happening locally. I am obsessed with all things dog related, vintage, indie, glam, unique, handcrafted, modern, funky and fun . I love music, travel, books and of course good tea.

I hope I can share something that will make you smile, inspire you to create, or inspire you to shop…but maybe all three…

here goes!

Middlefield, CT

This picture makes me miss late summer! I actually snapped it with my iphone and it came out surprisingly well. I love the bright colors and the freshness of the flowers and vegetables. This was taken at a local farm stand in Middlefield, CT. The food is fresh and organically grown and its always nice to support local commerce. If only it stayed warm year round. I guess I will be shopping at the supermarket until next summer!