Oh hey….

Hi. Long time no post. Things have been a bit hectic lately. Work and school take up almost all of my time and then I am working on getting my new etsy shop up and running!

I used to have an etsy store that i ran for a little over a year. Things got really busy and i lost the enthusiasm necessary for all the work it takes. I think that in running that store, i learnt a lot about how to manage my time and money and what works and doesn’t work for an etsy store. It’s a tricky business simply because there are so many super talented people creating beautiful things on there but i have confidence that i can find my niche again and I am excited for a new beginning.

Things i have done in the last month:

* Hiking

* Dog park trips

* Etsy planning

* Homework

* First bonfire of the year with smores

* Planted lettuce, radishes, zucchini and green beans AND they are growing! yayyy!

So it hasn’t been a completely unproductive month. Okay, well i’ll post something more exciting at some point i promise.

stay fabulous xoxo


2 responses to “Oh hey….

  1. Sounds like you have actually been really and very happily busy! I totally get you on the Etsy thing. It IS hard work and I am not even creating anything! Just the describing and photos and listing and shipping alone create a lot of work but I guess there is no fruit with out the toil! It sounds like you will be getting some nice fruits and things soon though (Both figuratively and literally!)

    To answer your question, yes I lightened it to the base color myself using a medium ash blonde hair dye kit from the grocery store. I was told later by my hair girl that this was maybe a mistake as she did have o do some color correction at the salon. I don’t suggest that you go that route!! When I went in to get my hair actually lightened, I told her that I didn’t really want a stark line and asked her to just do a heavy weave in really tiny increments and strands. That basically means that for 3 and a half hours she worked from almost the bottom of my hair (she left just a little brown down there for low lights) and wove practically every other millimeter into foils that were then dyed blonde. She made the dye slightly lighter as she moved up to my crown and gave me the lightest bits around my face. the blonde strands were so frequent and tiny that they actually blend into the brown undertones to give a multi colored overall lighter tone. It sounds super complicated, but that just goes to show that my girl was sorta a genius. Just make sure you say that you do not want to see any chunks of blonde. And ask the person to use a toner to make it pretty cool not golden or brassy. I told her I didn’t want to see a spec of orangy golden ish ness. not reddish blonde. cool ash. I will be going steadily lighter each month until its a nice varied ashy natural looking blonde. I hope all this made sense!

    I am happy you are back to blogging, but really those things you were doing sound so much better than sitting at the computer! I hope you find a nice balance here and good luck with all your veggies!

  2. ahhh thank-you so much! I wasn’t expecting such a wonderfully detailed account of your gorgeous hair! So sweet of you to take the time to write to me. I am a huge fan of your blog!

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