Inspiration Everywhere…

So, the beau’s college roommate let him know on Friday that he would be coming into Connecticut for a little casino visit at Mohegan Sun and we had better be there or else. Well, it was nice to have a night out and get some yummy (note: yummy=bad) food and take in the sights and sounds at the casino. There is actually a lot of beautiful art work and design in the casino. Sometimes I like to just go there to walk around and maybe grab some ice cream because the atmosphere and the energy is enough to have  a good time (although the bran doubled his money so that was good too)

A lot of the decor is formed from cultural references to the tribe itself (think nature, browns, neutrals, reds, oranges) but the glass sculpture by world renowned glass sculpture artist Dale Chihuly always gets my attention.

I took this picture on Friday night and as you can see it’s a beautiful piece consisting of various shapes of blown glass in blues and whites. The whole thing is about 25″ high, weighs 10,000 lbs and is quite amazing as it stands royally reflecting all of the surrounding light. I love the cobalt blue in this piece.


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