White Out…

No no no…not the snow. I am trying to get beyond the dullness of this winter and look forward to all that the spring brings (and may bring)

Our house search continues. The house that I talked of in my last post might still be a possibility but I am not holding my breath because I was too heartbroken last time it fell through and yet even in my attempts to not think about it…i do…and I have been secretly decorating each and every room in my head.

There is a gorgeous front living room with a floor to ceiling red brick fireplace. In the listing pictures I thought it was truly heinous and was already stalking blog posts about revamping such fireplaces but when we went to look at the house, I actually began to like it. The wood flooring in the house is in great condition and though it is pegged as “country” in style, the artiste in me knows a little paint here and there and some stylish furniture, lush fabrics and quirky accessories will bring it right into 2010. I think little touches like these pretty throw pillows from KainKain @ etsy for $20 each would help that process:

There is a family room that will be where the tv and the video games and other “media” will be but I am coveting the room with the fireplace as a nice relaxing reading room for myself (and maybe i’ll let the beau in there too) I am dreaming of very neutral decor with a pop of color to accent throughout the room: Perhaps a lime green or a bright pink agast a sea of beige and tan and a driftwood-ish theme.

I already have some of the decor in mind. I love apothecary jars. We have two in our kitchen on top of our cabinets that are filled with pretend fruit. I am thinking that a few more in different sizes filled with moss like a teranium or perhaps sand, pieces of driftwood and seashells? I have also been looking for some great vintage milk glass. I really like the original “hobnail” pieces and there are plenty of vintage sellers on etsy that sell the vases in sets of three. I think a few of those sets would be nice although I also enjoy the lamp bases which with a good clean and a new shade have the potential of being quite fabulous.

Here are some of the etsy finds:

So many ideas and so much inspiration…just need the house now!


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