Good energy and general loveliness…

Hello there!

Well I have been slow updating. This month (can’t believe it is almost february!) sort of whooshed by with a lot of emotional ups and downs and with the end of the month comes a whole new set of hopes for the next.

So…we thought we had found *THE* house. I adored it. I walked in and felt great energy there and knew it could easily transform from a house to a home. The beau was a little apprehensive (think 80’s decor and cabinetry) but I could see the potential through the baby blue floral print. We put in an offer and they countered and we countered and….well they didn’t play the game. The owner refused to come down anymore than $5000 on the asking price which put it just slightly out of our price range and since we did not want to compromise our lifestyle (organic veggies, natural dog food, vacations, impulse buys) we had to tearfully walk away. I am secretly hoping that the owner will realize that after a year on the market, one cannot expect to only come down so little on a price but that lies in the hands of fate so I will mind my business unless that perfect little house decides to stray back into my path.

Yesterday, my sis and I and our respective beaus attended an empowerment seminar and readings led by psychic medium Angelina Diana. Any CT resident may recognize her name from the radio bit she does on kiss 95.7. She isn’t a kooky fortune teller but a well studied and well respected medium who has gone through stringent scientific tests to try and debunk her abilities and thus far they have no explanation for how she does what she does. The seminar was great. Angelina has a beautiful energy and when she talks she just draws you in because what she says is conveyed with such conviction. She did a few readings and Claire and I were willing her to be drawn to us in the hopes of making any sort of connection with my Mum but alas it was a seminar and not a private reading and so there were that handful of people asking silly questions which sucked up her time and left us without any reading at all. Ms Diana does private readings so we have decided to save a little and take that route. My mother always had an inkling towards the psychic and the unexplainable and I think with her strong personality, if anyone was going to make contact of any sort afterlife it would be her. I will update when we do get that private reading.

Grad school started today so three nights a week I shall be there and inching closer and closer to being complete. This is the first semester that I have felt reluctant to head to class which is very strange and unnerving for me. I attribute it to already teaching and knowing how much I love it and wanting to just be able to dedicate my time completely there and not necessarily there AND school.

Alicia Silverstone continues to amaze me. Long past her Clueless days, the animal advocate and vegan spokeswoman wrote a great vegan cookbook called “The Kind Diet” that puts her plant-based diet within reach of the average person. There are some great recipes in there that vegans and non-vegans alike would enjoy and the photos are beautiful. She maintains a blog called “The Kind Life” which is really a great community of like minded people. Today there was a comment left by a member about a project called 29 gifts. Well….guess what the beau and I are starting tomorrow…

Basically it is a path that you set yourself on as a way of grounding and centering yourself and harnessing goodness from the power of giving. Everyday for 29 days you give a gift to someone. It can be putting money in an expired meter, it can be giving someone a book, dropping off a bag of clothes to Goodwill, baking cookies for a neighbor, bringing a lunch dish for your work mates or mailing a postcard to a sick child in need of a smile in another country. No gift is too big or small. Give your favorite barista flowers for hooking you up with that extra espresso shot, stop and introduce yourself by name to someone you pass or encounter everyday. It forces you to be creative and giving and when the cold weather and the crappy economy and the prospect of evening classes after a day of work is making you crabby…it forces you to be thankful for what you DO have.

I’d love to know if anyone else has done this or plans to? What do you think? Will you take the 29 day challenge?

R xoxo


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  1. I would like to say that this article categorically convinced me to do so.

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