Potential Projects…

The search for a house continues and it is not as much fun as I thought it would initially be. I tend to want to make a choice on a ‘feeling’ I get when I see elements that I like such as a beautiful staircase or the perfect colored wood floors and so far nothing has really quite struck me or anything that has begun to strike me has been on deposit.

I have a whole week off from work (oh the delights of high school) and I really want to set myself some good goals for the week. As cliche and uncool as it is, I do need to incorporate working out into my schedule and I have a great book that I have been reading small amounts of here and there in between grad school assignments so finishing that book and possibly devouring another is also on the list. I never really get time to cook, so I have a few recipes that I would like to try this week including a vegetable pot pie that looks delish and a Santa Fe style rice and beans dish. I will post pics and recipes if they do indeed turn out to be edible 🙂

I would love to start a new crafty project since I completed my felt garland I made for Christmas though I do not have anything in mind right now. Suggestions are always welcome. I will continue to scour other creative blogs for ideas.

I am on the look out for a chair to update. I have no room in the apartment for one right now but I hope we will have a home to put it in within the next year! I will leave you with a little inspiration:


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