Why this blog exists…

I often find myself in awe of something fabulous that I stumble upon on my adventures and  return home wanting to tell everyone about it although the boyfriend and the beagles aren’t always so thrilled with my whimsy. It could be a unique lamp at a quirky store, a vintage tea set I found scouring Etsy or a fun art exhibition or coffee shop thats happening locally. I am obsessed with all things dog related, vintage, indie, glam, unique, handcrafted, modern, funky and fun . I love music, travel, books and of course good tea.

I hope I can share something that will make you smile, inspire you to create, or inspire you to shop…but maybe all three…

here goes!

Middlefield, CT

This picture makes me miss late summer! I actually snapped it with my iphone and it came out surprisingly well. I love the bright colors and the freshness of the flowers and vegetables. This was taken at a local farm stand in Middlefield, CT. The food is fresh and organically grown and its always nice to support local commerce. If only it stayed warm year round. I guess I will be shopping at the supermarket until next summer!


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