Summer Love…


I apologize for neglecting my little corner of the internet but would it be excusable if I was too busy loving and living? I think that makes it okay.

Summer is about so many beautiful things…

Did I plead my case well enough?  I think so 🙂

Happy Summer lovelies. I hope you are living every day, finding beauty all around you and making beautiful summer memories to see you through the winter months and if you have been neglecting your corner of the internet- consider yourself excused too.

Rach xoxo


See Sundance Stroll…

It’s no secret that I like animals more than humans. With too many dogs to publicly acknowledge without sounding like a crazy dog equivalent of a cat woman, I know how much love and companionship they all bring to our lives. I am a huge animal advocate and I can talk for hours about how important it is to adopt, spay/neuter and to love your animals like they are your family members which why I was so touched to read about a yellow lab named Sundance.

I have a yellow lab myself named Bonnie Elizabeth who at 12 years young, is still cheeky as ever. Sundance is 14 yrs old and is lucky enough to reside in Hawaii but, as is pretty common with labs, she has hip dysplasia. With a strong heart, great health and an unbreakable spirit, Sundance is determined to keep doing what she loves: Walking and Hiking with her family! With that said, her puppy parents Brian and Delaura Estes of Monkeyfishdezigns have created a screenprinted tee shirt to specifically raise money for Sundance to get a doggy wheelchair that will support her back legs and enable her to live out her golden years whilst still being active.

Tee-shirts are available from size small to Extra-Large, come in a variety of colors and feature an adorable picture of Sundance herself! $15 + $5 shipping with all proceeds going towards the wheelchair! So do what is right people! Head on over and get yourself a “See Sundance Stroll” tee!

I ordered a yellow one! Which color will you choose?


And before you knew it….

…it was gone. This semester that is.

I remember in January, looking at the syllabus of a particularly terrifying class and thinking that it seemed endless and yet here I am, all done with classes and facing finals next week. Its funny how that happens and a bit scary when you think about how quickly time flies. Last night was my last class with a group of classmates that i particularly like a lot and we all seemed to get a little mushy when it came to saying goodbye. When we learn and grow with a group of people, it tends to create this feeling of “we are all in this together” and i honestly think my best and most memorable classes have had this effect on me. I got to meet some wonderful people with big hearts, funny stories and talented visions of what it is to be an educator and I left feeling that we may have all learnt more from each other than we did the big old $120 text book. I guess we spend so much time anticipating the ending of something that we forget to live in the moment of it. Wishing away the work day means you lose 8 hours out of every 24 of your life. Does not sound like a good deal to me. Note to self: Be more appreciative of your days (remind me of that during next weeks exams)

Spring HAD sprung but it since went back into hiding. Horribly ironic that during those last weeks of class it was warm and sticky and the sun was shining through the windows of old Willard hall, illuminating the worn wooden window frames and the yellowed blinds and teasing us with what we were missing….and then classes end and the rain pours and the sky gets gray and worst of all…it gets cold. The weekend had a brief display of sun though it was cold out. The beagle girls were happy to get outside and play in the grass and cause some mischief.

It threw off my outfits this week. I was thinking summer when it came to getting dressed but when I left for work in a cute flowing dress and ballet flats I was hit with 45 degrees and rain drops. Ick. So this week has been a funny week of fall-like outfits which meant the cute flowing dress got treated to a cardigan and a scarf and the ballet flats got traded for boots. Much more puddle jumping appropriate.

In other news:

  • Veggies are still growing
  • Closing on the house this week
  • Decorating Ideas needed
  • Summer Job search is go go go

Oh hey….

Hi. Long time no post. Things have been a bit hectic lately. Work and school take up almost all of my time and then I am working on getting my new etsy shop up and running!

I used to have an etsy store that i ran for a little over a year. Things got really busy and i lost the enthusiasm necessary for all the work it takes. I think that in running that store, i learnt a lot about how to manage my time and money and what works and doesn’t work for an etsy store. It’s a tricky business simply because there are so many super talented people creating beautiful things on there but i have confidence that i can find my niche again and I am excited for a new beginning.

Things i have done in the last month:

* Hiking

* Dog park trips

* Etsy planning

* Homework

* First bonfire of the year with smores

* Planted lettuce, radishes, zucchini and green beans AND they are growing! yayyy!

So it hasn’t been a completely unproductive month. Okay, well i’ll post something more exciting at some point i promise.

stay fabulous xoxo

Summer Patio Dreams…

Well, for a few days it seemed like Spring was making its entrance and then the weekend was a wash out with lots of rain and heavy winds and alas my hopes were dashed. To console myself however, I have been browsing all of the lovely patio furniture and accessories that the stores are already heaving with. Now, while we don’t all have views like this….

Laguna Beach, CA (May 09)


Beach access path, Laguna Beach, CA (May 09)

I still see nothing wrong with aspiring to greatness and creating your own little garden sanctuary with some comfy and cool furniture, delicate lanterns, pretty string lights and some luscious flowers.

I was drooling over the Restoration Hardware Garden catalog with all of its gorgeous lanterns and carved furniture:

Amalfi Square Lanterns $19-$129

Avignon Light String $59

Kingston Lounge Chair $870 (!)

Unfortunately, my dreams do not match my pay! Luckily I found some similar loveliness that is more affordable:

Smith & Hawken Marlton Wood Chair $189

Lantern 10 Bulb String Lights in Bronze $53.99

Borrby Lantern $6.99

I really cannot wait to   a. Move into our first house and  b. Enjoy our first summer by the lake (the house overlooks one!)

I hope for a lot of lovely summer evenings with warm breezes, yummy food, pretty lighting and friends ❤

Live Creating Yourself…

Chicago based designer Alaina K has a pretty awesome blog LiveCreatingYourself that she uses to show off her wonderful hand at design, the decorative process of making her apartment a home and musings on travel, art, fashion and photography. I couldn’t help but wonder where she got the fabulous sketch illustrations of famous landmarks featured in her new living room until she revealed that she created them herself AND she has just this week opened her own Etsy store selling the simple but alluring prints!

There is a “European Series” that includes Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower and The Coliseum for a mere $40! Some simple black frames from ikea and I will be on my way to having a new art scene for the new house! Hurrah!

Birdie love…

Birds have a lot of symbolism attached to them and maybe thats why I like them so much. Last week I got tattoo number four (!) which is a Swallow on my foot. Swallows are symbolic of loyalty to friends and loved ones and also always return to the same place. I am hugely in love with Southern California and the city of San Juan Capistrano is famous for its Swallows that return every year so it reminds me of that too.

Heres my new artwork: courtesy of artist Colin Hinchliff @ Transcend in Branford, CT

and in keeping with the birdie theme, here are some other lovely things:

Sketchbook Wristlet $31 @ HoneydDesigns

International Flight Passport Case $11.99 @ Modcloth

Retro Birdcage Ebony Wallpaper $48 @ DesignYourWall

Back to teaching and being taught tomorrow. It was a good week off and I have some new threads to wear courtesy of my fabulous boyfriend who took me shopping for valentines day and of course I have to wear shoes that show off the new ink!